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How Hypnotherapy works

Hypnotherapy works by helping clients to deeply relax which then enables the practitioner to talk to the area of the brain that deals with stresses that can cause related health problems such as asthma, eczema, insomnia, nervous disorders, fears and phobias. The brain also deals with habits both good and bad but it is the bad habits that such as smoking, over-eating, nail biting, and alcohol/substance abuse etc., that we want to lose.

Improve your life

Hypnotherapy can also offer positive enhancements to life by improving self confidence, improving memory, study management, and examinations and sports performance.

Will I know what is happening?

When in hypnosis you will go to the level of relaxation / or “trance” that is suitable for you on that day. Hypnotherapy is not a sleep state or one where you are in someone else’s power. It is a state of deep relaxation and therefore the clients are completely aware and in control of their behaviour and, will if they so wish, remember all that is said to them. Because of this continued awareness as many as 80% believe they have not been hypnotised - but the results speak for themselves.

Hypnotherapy helps the mind to cure or relieve many ailments, problems and conditions. Below are just a few examples: Lose weight with the Hypno Gastric Band. Gain Improved Self Confidence, Self Esteem, and Positivity, Learn Stress Management. Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Depression, Allergies, and much, much more. Card payments now accepted. Give me a call on 01204 529823 ...

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Specialist Services

Full range of hypnotherapy - telephone for free consultation. Past Life Regression available if requested.

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